A burger and change

Del 1

On the way back we stopped at McD's for a burger, as we stood in line I put my arm around her and made he skirt ride up a bit, I ordered a happy meal for her and we sat down, a couple of people looked and whispered, it was late evening and some mid 20s folk had drunk some beer and were hungry.
After I had finished I said that I should change her nappy, took her by the wrist and headed for the toilets. Ignoring the disabled I took her into the gents, stood her near the sinks and removed and folded her skirt and plastic pants. Her hands kept getting in the way so I told her to put them on her head. As I was starting to undo the tapes a guy came bustling in laughing into his phone. He went towards the urinal and I heard him say it's unbelievable, he is, right in here, you should see her. As I removed the nappy and stuffer he turned and her hands moved to protect herself, no I said, back on the head girl, I am sure the gentleman will wait for us to finish. A load of laughing outside and half a dozen of his mates came in. I turned her round pushed her over and kicked her ankles apart, took out the baby wipes and started cleaning her. I could hear camera shutters and more than one phone looked to be videoing. I took my time throwing the stuff away then made her sit on the sink unit, I opened her legs and was cleaning her pussy when a couple of girls also arrived. Much whispering and giggling so I wiped and cleaned, threw the wipes out, put on some powder then took out the new nappy for her. After this was applied, the plastic pants and skirt was back on I told her to say sorry for keeping them waiting. We went back out, I bought icecream, the others followed ad much laughter, chatting and showing of phones in the rpxafe followed