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Are you open for some simple chit-chat or do you want to give the cuties from the last party a chance to find you? Are you looking for clubbing company or a soulmate in your neighbourhood? Then this is the place for you!

Do you want others to be able to find you? Be sure to enable this in your social settings. Do concider to participate even if you´re not actively seeking new friends, having the possibilities is always nice.

You must respect what kind of contact each member is looking for. It is not allowed to contact people you don´t know about things they aren´t open for (such as sexual invites to members that don´t desire such contact).

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Contact types:

General contact
Sporadic smalltalk and general conversations.
Getting to know others for ordinary friendship; having a beer, going to the movies, etc.
Club company
Find others to accompany to clubs, seminars, parties and such.
Social kink
Living out your kinky side in a social way; playing at BDSM clubs, enacting fetishes together, expressing D/s roles in company, etc.
Mentorship, bouncing questions, etc,.
Sex chat
More explicit enacting of fantasies via the net.
Traditional sex
Traditional sex.
Finding a partner.