The way back

Del 1

After we had spent a good long time at the nursery time to take the girl back to the hotel. Now of course she was peeing a lot with huge amounts of liquid in her and diuretics to make sure. So clearly the rear safari nappy was needed, but full advantage of the leak guard with a bulky stuff and safety from plastic pants. I had planned well with the purchasing, a suitable short top and short skirt were available with flat shoes and ankle socks. She looked lovely and there was no disguising the nappy, visible round her waist and when she sat down bright pink between her legs. Off we went in the car to the tube station, sadly quite empty but still she was flustered.
A long wait and then the train arrived. From the nursery. 45 minute journey into the centre of a city that doesn't really sleep, she knew she would be seen.
After one clear station a guy got on, sat opposite on the others of the anyway, looked as anyone would. Confusion over his face and then I whispered to her to part her legs a little, his eyes nearly popped out and she when beetroot red.

A couple more stops and a couple of girls got on, they sat. Looked then sat whispering, looking and giggling.

As more were added my girl got more flustered and more whispering ensued. Eventually I asked her if she was still dry or if her nappy was wet, I wasn't loud but not quiet either, some people stopped talking, she whispered wet, I said pardon and made her speak a little louder, now total quiet. I put my hand between her legs lifting her skirt, her hands moved so I told her to put them behind her. Then I said wet, but ok for now, I reached in my bag, took out a pacifier and popped it in her mouth saying I told you if you wet yourself you would get this. The noise level , laughter went right back up.

Eventually we neared the station, I told her to stand up ready, then told her to bend down and pick up the bag, more laughter and then told her to hold the overhead handles. Her plastic pants and swollen nappy were clearly on show. A few followed us up and up the escalator.

Once on the street I said that I fancied a burger (I didn't really but thought it would be most fun).